About Me

Hi, Donny here

I suffered from dust mite allergies for many years. It was life limiting.


So I made this website to spread the word about dust mites.

Dust mites can mess up your life for years. They are extremely bad news. They are very common and effect us far more than people realise. From my own experience, I cannot understate how much they can hinder your everyday life.

I suffered for a large part of my life with an allergic condition called Allergic Rhinitis. It feels like and irritation in the back of the nose and makes breathing difficult, especially while sleeping. The doctor can see it as redness and swelling up inside the nose.


Not breathing properly meant, snoring and a terrible sleep every night. I was always exhausted. I firmly believe that the exhaustion resulted in an inability to be motivated in life and eventually led to depression.

I was looking for every possible cause on the internet, even alien nasal implants when I was losing my mind with desparation!!! I just wanted it to go away, to beathe like a normal person and sleep!


Then my doctor suggested I try controlling dust mites in my house and bed.

I finally listened to the dust mite rantings of my doctor! After a ton of research I discovered how incredibly bad Dust Mites are for us. They are terrible, miserable little beasts! The impact they have on so many of us cannot be understated. I had no idea how many there are breeding and defecating in everyone’s pillows and mattresses. It’s their feces and dead bodies that millions of people are allergic to and the spores of fungus that grow on them. The symptoms are varied and can be very severe as I mention on the home page.

Trust me on this, I’ve researched for my own sake and tried¬†everything and there’s a lot of scientific research that recommends as I believe…


 The best way I have found to control dust mites is to cover your bedding with Dust Mite Proof covers.


(It also helps to vacuum your room regularly = weekly)

Dust mite proof covers also control bed bugs. This is because bed bugs are larger than dust mites. Protection from bed bugs only DOES NOT protect you from dust mites.

However, protection from dust mites DOES control bed bugs also.

I really like Free From Worries covers because they match my criteria for good pillow and mattress covers:

  • Dust mite & Bed Bug proof – a Complete Barrier
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Great price
  • Non-woven material
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to place over your mattress and pillows


Well… I’m now dust mite free and breathing clear throughout the night and all day!!!

I have my life back!!!

The irritation in my nose has gone, I get brilliant sleeps and wake up ready for the day. It feels sooooo good to be functioning like normal now.

I want to let everyone else know about dust mites.

Please give these covers a go. Even if it’s just pillows to test drive my recommendation and if you’re on a budget. For the price of these covers, it is so, so worth it!

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